Data management

Data management

Complete data import management for BFE, services, AC Planning, MSN Planning Parts, Holidays

File import lets you create and update existing data automatically or manually.

For exports, some exports are parameterized and automatic at the level of validation processes.

Other exports can be define according to the data to be exported and the frequency of sending.

Various imports to make management easier

define different import types: msn planning, bfe, workingtime to easily manage your business

Automatic import

L'import est réalisable via une API ou en analysant une boite mail et en récupérant une pièce-jointe

Manual file import

Each import can be carried out manually via a dedicated page.

Checking data

Data are checked to avoid errors

Import tracking

Each import is traced and can be easily found using filters

Save time on inputting and monitoring tasks

Exchanges concerning bfe, reactivity and schedules can be processed quickly and easily via file import. The advantage is twofold: less risk of error and time savings.

Optimized information flow

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